Our Ethics

About Vegan Tuck Box

Vegan Tuck Box was formed by two passionate and long term vegans, Chrissy Leyland and Kelly Slade, to help their fellow vegans overcome the challenges of achieving a more ethical and compassionate lifestyle without having to give up tasty and fulfilling treats. Between them, Chrissy and Kelly have over 40 years experience of being vegan. They both became vegan because they believe that animals should be treated with respect and equality and have the right to live their lives free from harm or exploitation.

Before starting Vegan Tuck Box, Chrissy and Kelly organised many vegan events and heard that finding quality vegan snacks can be a stumbling block to achieving a more compassionate lifestyle. So they launched Vegan Tuck Box to make it easier for everyone to go, stay and enjoy being vegan. Now you can save animals and have the best tasting snacks around!

Vegan Tuck Box saves you the trouble of finding new snacks and pouring over labels whilst also giving you the opportunity to try new flavours and ingredients. The team at Vegan Tuck Box scour the globe looking for the most exciting, unique and tasty vegan snacks. Healthy, indulgent, sweet and savoury: their huge range will satisfy anyone’s taste buds.

Ethical business

  • Vegan Tuck Box is, and will always be, 100% vegan.
  • We support vegan outreach and animal sanctuaries with your help. 10p from every subscription box sold is donated to these causes each month.
  • Our packaging is kept to a minimum, is made from recycled or reused materials. We re-use or recycle everything we use.
  • The postcards are printed on FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) paper and printed with vegetable inks.
  • We support vegan businesses, helping them to launch their products and reach new markets. Get in touch if you would like to get your product into the box.
  • Our offices are powered by solar panels.