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Take a look at the contents of our most recent Ultimate Vegan Tuck Boxes. Every month we introduce you to a new selection of tasty vegan treats and snacks to try. Click here to subscribe.

April Ultimate Box

  1. Life Loving Foods Panna Cotta Mix
  2. Melting Pot Vanilla Fudge
  3. The Great Stuff Chives and Onion Popcorn
  4. Mr Yeti Lemon and Fig Bar
  5. iChoc Choco Cookie Chocolate Bar
  6. The Nut Shack Piri Piri Peanuts
  7. Lorama Foods Cocoa Flapjack
  8. Doisy and Dam Maple, Toasted Rice and Pink Salt Chocolate Snaps
  9. Liberty Loves Raw Millionaires Chocolate Tart
  10. Neats Wasabi Rice Crackers
  11. FREE SAMPLE Miracle matcha tea sample

10p from the sale of this box was donated to HeartCure Collective

March Ultimate Box

  1. Moo Free Rosie the Rabbit Chocolate Bar
  2. Mr Lee’s Noodles Dragon Fire Vegetable
  3. N’eat Blueberry and Chia Bar
  4. Hippeas Cheese and Love Chickpea Puffs
  5. Coco Pzazz Salted Orange Giant Chocolate Buttons
  6. Happy Benjamino Salted Almond and Cranberry White Chocolate Bar
  7. No Whey Peanot Bears
  8. Indie Bay Pretzel Bites
  9. Jom Caramel Sweets
  10. Lenny and Larry Double Chocolate Cookie
  11. FREE SAMPLE New Kings Coffee – see blog post

10p from the sale of this box was donated to Animal Justice Project

February Ultimate Box

  1. Bean and Pod strawberry cream dark chocolate hearts
  2. Rhythm 108 dark chocolate coconut bar
  3. Nom raspberry and cocoa bar
  4. Zeina smokey chipotle pistachios
  5. Cocoa Libre dark chocolate mint bar
  6. Kuhbonbon caramels
  7. Terra Vegane parmi topper
  8. Salty Dog jalapeno crisps
  9. Foods of Athenry nutty crunch granola
  10. Vantastic Foods marble chocolate cookies
  11. Vivani rice milk chocolate bar
  12. FREE SAMPLE We are Tea Cleanse

10p from the sale of this box was donated to Heart Animal Rescue.

December Ultimate Box

  1. Bean & Pod Caramel Moments
  2. Olive Branch Orange Biscuits
  3. Quibbles Jalapeno Chilli and Kafir Lime Peanuts
  4. Chocolatey Clare Lemon Crunch Bar
  5. Jom Wild Raspberry Sweets
  6. Valencia Mediterranean Tomato & Garlic Toasties
  7. Foods of Athenry Rocky Road Bar
  8. Nouri Hazelnut Truffles
  9. Granovita Herb Pate
  10. Wild Trail Cacao Fruit & Nut Bar
  11. FREE SAMPLE Solo Caramel Milkshake Meal
  12. FREE SAMPLE Vitl vitamins

10p from the sale of this box was donated to Protect a Pup

October Ultimate Box

  1. Cheeky P’s Curry Flavoured Roasted Chickpeas
  2. Rhythm 108 Almond Biscotti Tea Biscuits
  3. Pastinos Chianti and Olive Flavour
  4. Cocoa Libre Chocolate Honeycomb Slab
  5. Fabulous Free From Factory Chocolate Covered Peanuts
  6. Tofu Town Auslander Veggie Sausage
  7. Pulsin Superseed and Maple Porridge Oat Bar
  8. Chewsy Peppermint Chewing Gum
  9. La Chivas Freeze Dried Pineapple
  10. Whitworths Smoked Shots Nuts
  11. Rawsmary Coconut Truffles
  12. Peach Candy Kittens
  13. Melting Pot Handmade Chocolate and Orange Fudge
  14. FREE SAMPLE Vitla Greens

10p from the sale of this box was donated to Hillside Animal Sanctuary for their new land appeal.

September Ultimate Box

  1. Quinola Express Quinoa and Golden Vegetables
  2. Banana Joe Sriracha and Pickled Garlic Banana Chips
  3. Sweet Lounge Crystal Raindrops
  4. Battle Oats Vanilla Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie
  5. Naturata Special Rice Quinoa Crisp Chocolate Bar
  6. Kintaro Strawberry and Goji Berry Pop Rice
  7. Love Raw Rosehip and Lemon Superfood Bar
  8. Darling Corn Barbecue Toasted Corn Kernels
  9. Raw and Wild Himalayan Pink Salt Activated Pili Nuts
  10. Box of Kennard’s Artisan Chocolates
  11. FREE SAMPLE TPlus Drinks x 2 tea bags

10p from the sale of this box was donated to Binky Buns rabbit and guinea pig rescue in Sunderland.

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