What is Vegan Tuck Box?

Vegan Tuck Box is a monthly vegan food subscription box service. Each and every month, the team at Vegan Tuck Box scour the planet for the most exciting, unique and tasty vegan snacks and treats to create fun and interesting snack boxes for you to order online.

Choose from our Variety and Ultimate subscription boxes or try one of our single boxes. You can also order individual vegan goodies from our online tuck shop.

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What will be in my box?

Your Vegan Tuck Box will contain a surprise selection of vegan snacks and treats. These will be a mixture of sweet and savoury foods such as chocolate, crisps, snack bars, sweets, raw products, baked goods and much more. We also like to include the occasional cooking item such as stir fry kits, sauces and mixes – easy things to prepare. We source new, exciting and unique vegan food that is hard to find in the shops. The selection in the subscription boxes changes each month.

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How do I order?

Ordering a Vegan Tuck Box is easy. Just go to our Shop page and click on one of the box categories.  You can order a single box or take out a monthly subscription. Once you have subscribed you can sit back, relax and wait for your Vegan Tuck Box to arrive each month.

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Can I take out a subscription?

Yes!  If you would like to receive a Vegan Tuck Box every month you can take out a subscription, but don’t worry, you can cancel at any time. Choose between Variety or Ultimate. Your first payment will be taken at the time of ordering. Our subscription boxes are despatched within the first week of the month. Each month’s payment will be taken on the same date you ordered. So if you subscribed on the 14th of the month, all of your monthly payments will come out on the 14th of every month. If you would like to change the date that your payment is taken please contact us.

Once you have subscribed we will automatically take the payment from your account each month and send you a box containing different exciting vegan treats and snacks every time. You need to do nothing more!

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Do I need to take out a subscription?

No, you can choose from one of our single boxes if you prefer. Healthy, indulgent, sweet and savoury: our huge range will satisfy anyone’s taste buds.

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When can I expect my delivery?

You will receive an email when your order has been shipped.

Subscription box orders

All subscription boxes will be despatched within the first week of the month, using 2nd class Royal Mail or airmail for international customers.

To receive the next box you need to sign up before 12 am (Midnight) on the 1st of the month.

If you order within the first week of the month and would like to bring your subscription forward so that you receive this month’s box (subject to availability), please contact us.

Single box, themed and shop orders

Your order will be despatched within 3 working days by 2nd class Royal Mail, which normally takes 2 working days but can take longer.  International orders will be sent by airmail and usually take between 5-10 working days, though it may take longer particularly within countries outside the EU where parcels may be delayed by customs.

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How do I cancel?

You can cancel your subscription by logging in to My Account or by emailing us to let us know you wish to cancel. If payment has already been taken for that month then your box will be despatched, but any further orders will be cancelled.

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How do I change my payment card details for my monthly subscription?

To update your card details, login to My Account at the top of the website. Under My Subscriptions, click on change payment method and update your card details.

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Can I order a box as a gift?

Yes, our 3, 6 and 12 month prepay options on the Ultimate Vegan Tuck Box make the perfect gift! You can also choose from our single boxes. Enter your friend’s details in the shipping section of the checkout to have it sent direct.

Leave us your message and we will include a free gift card in the box.

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Can I have my box sent to my work or other address?

Yes, if you would prefer your box to be sent to a different address please indicate this in the delivery address section on the order form.

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How do I pay?

When you have added the product you want to your cart please go to checkout and pay with either a credit or debit card. You will be asked to fill in your card details. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Maestro and JCB. If you have created an account you will only need to fill in your card details once as your details will be remembered next time you shop with us.

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What Currency Do You Use?

Our prices are given in British pound sterling. We can accept payments in all currencies but please check the exchange rate before placing your order.

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I’m an International Customer – Will I Incur Any Extra Charges?

Customs charges

Parcels despatched to countries outside the EU may incur customs charges on delivery in addition to the cost of the items. The recipient is responsible for paying any customs charges that are due.

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Is my payment secure?

Yes. This website takes every precaution to protect our users’ information. When users submit sensitive information via the website, your information is protected both online and off-line. When our registration/order form asks users to enter sensitive information (such as credit / debit card number and/or contact information), that information is encrypted and is protected with 128 bit encryption software over an SSL connection. While on a secure page, such as our shopping cart checkout forms, the lock icon on the bottom of Web browsers such as Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer is displayed as locked.

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When is payment taken?

On completion of your order the relevant payment will be taken immediately from your credit or debit card.

If you take out a subscription your first payment is taken when you place your order. Your following monthly payments will be taken on the same date each month until you cancel your subscription, which you can do by logging in to My Account or contacting us. If you would like your payment date to be changed, please contact us.

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How do Vegan Tuck points work?

When you buy from Vegan Tuck Box you earn loyalty points* that can be redeemed as money off on future purchases. For every £1 you spend you earn 1 point and a point is worth 1p. Of course, if you’re a monthly subscriber then you’ll be earning those points pretty quickly. And if you stay for 6 months you’ll earn an extra 400 points on your 6th box! You can also earn an extra 250 points when you refer a friend and they make their first purchase using your link. Login to your account and click on Earn Vegan Tuck points for more info.
To spend your points simply add your items to your basket in our online tuck shop. At checkout you will be told how many points you can redeem and your discount. Click the box at the top that says apply discount and your points will be deducted from your purchase.
*excludes shipping

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I loved that product – can I order more?

Some of the products in each box will be available to buy individually in our online shop. So do send us your feedback and let us know what you would like to see in the shop.

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What do I do if my box isn’t delivered?

UK orders

If your order does not arrive within 5 working days of receiving email confirmation that your order is complete, please check at your local sorting office to see if it has been returned there, and contact us if it is still missing.

Royal Mail will keep the parcel for 18 days then return it to us.  We can re-send a returned parcel or issue a refund, but we are unable to offer a refund for the postage for any parcels returned to us.

To keep shipping costs down we do not use a tracked service, so we are unable to provide a tracking number for your order

International orders

If your order does not arrive within 10 working days of receiving email confirmation that your order is complete, please check at your local sorting office to see if it has been returned there, and contact us if it is still missing.  We are unable to re-send parcels to international customers due to postage costs but will offer a refund for the goods minus the postage for any parcels returned to us.

To keep shipping costs down we do not use a tracked service, so we are unable to provide a tracking number for your order

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What does delivery cost?

Please see our delivery charges page.

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What countries do you deliver to?

We ship worldwide. Currently we’ve added the countries we have had demand for so if you’re unable to checkout, please contact us to let us know where you live and we’ll make sure your country is added to our destination list.

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How do I change my delivery address?

To change your delivery address just login to My Account and update your details.

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Can I change the date of my delivery if I go on holiday?

Yes, please contact us to let us know when you would like your box to be despatched. We can only despatch boxes after your monthly payment has been processed. The boxes are delivered by second class mail so we cannot guarantee a specific delivery date.

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Am I able to return items?

You may cancel your order up to 7 days after receiving the goods. If you wish to cancel your order please contact us to arrange return of the product. If the goods have already been dispatched and the return is for reasons other than faulty / incorrect goods then you must cover the cost of returning the goods to us. Products must be returned by Royal Mail unopened and undamaged in the original packaging. We only accept return of the whole Vegan Tuck Box and not individual products unless they are faulty.

If returned goods are lost in the post, you must agree to our reasonable requirements for tracking the delivery (such as showing us the proof of posting) before we can give you a refund.

If the goods are faulty or defective please contact us.

Any refund due will be credited to the original card of purchase within 30 days of us receiving the goods.

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The products in my box arrived damaged, what do I do?

You must inspect the products on day of receipt and notify us the same day of any defects. We will replace or refund you for defective products if notified of any damage or defects on the day of receipt.

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How can I contact you?

You can fill out our enquiry form or alternatively email enquiries@vegantuckbox.co.uk

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When will I receive a response?

If you have placed an order you will automatically be notified that your order has been received. You will then be notified by email when your order is being processed and has been completed.

We will endeavour to answer all email enquiries within 2-3 days.

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Are your products 100% vegan?

Yes we are a vegan company and all of our products are suitable for vegans.

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Are your products suitable for people with allergies?

Gluten Free options are available on the Ultimate subscription box and the Selection single box. Our boxes and products may not be suitable for people with allergies, as they may contain minute traces of allergens so please always check the allergy advice on packaging if you have allergies. Please contact us for more information before ordering.

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Why Vegan?

Good for animals

Animals are sentient beings capable of suffering, feeling pain and experiencing emotions. However, their needs are considered to be less important than ours in a society where speciesism is institutionalised and animal exploitation is widely accepted. Vegans aim to build a world where animals are treated with dignity, respect and compassion.

This abuse is widespread; animals are killed for their fur, hunted for “sport” and experimented on in laboratories. However, the farming industry is responsible for exploiting the largest number of animals; in the UK alone approximately one billion animals are killed for food each year. Worldwide the figure is more than a staggering 65 billion individuals. This does not even include fish, who are killled in such large numbers it is difficult to quantify.

The food industry treats sentient beings as emotionless machines. Farmed animals are bred, mutilated and killed for their body parts, milk or eggs. Male chicks born in the egg industry are gassed or minced alive only days after they have hatched as they cannot lay eggs and are not the right type to be bred for meat. The females will be exploited to their reproductive limits and when they can no longer produce enough eggs for the industry (usually after 72 weeks) they end up on the slaughter line to be used for cheap meat products. Dairy cows are also sent for slaughter after they have been worn out from continually being made pregnant – usually only four or five years old. So that people can drink the milk they produce for their young, the calves are taken away from their mothers soon after birth. Many of the males are sent to the continent for veal production or simply shot in the head as they are considered ‘waste products’. The females will replace their mothers in the dairy herd. Whether the production method is called intensive, free-range or organic, all farmed animals needlessly end up at the slaughterhouse where their last moments are full of terror.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to respect animals, reduce suffering and give your vote for a kinder society is to go vegan. You can choose not to eat any animal products, but instead replace them with the huge variety of alternatives that now exist. Vegan Tuck Box aims to increase the availability of vegan products and make it easier to be vegan.

Good for the planet

The Earth’s resources (land and water) are being wasted on an unnecessary industry. It is the most significant contributor to the environmental problems we face. That industry is animal farming.

The majority of fertile land is being used to grow crops to feed farmed animals whilst almost one billion people go hungry. Producing a meat-based diet uses around 10 times more land than a vegan diet, therefore adopting a vegan diet will enable us to share the Earth’s resources more efficiently and feed more people.

Animal farming is one of the top contributors to global warming, water pollution, deforestation, desertification and misuse of resources. Only by moving to a plant-based diet can we hope to tackle climate change and move towards sustainable food production.

Good for your health

A balanced and varied vegan diet provides all the necessary nutrients for a long and healthy life. It is now recognised amongst top health organisations3 and professionals as healthful, nutritionally adequate, and providing health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diet-related diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes and some cancers. The Vegan Society produces clear nutritional guidelines for those adopting a vegan diet.

For more information about going vegan visit The Vegan Approach.

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How eco-friendly is your business?

Vegan products are far more eco-friendly than those made from animal products.

The box is made from 100% recycled material. Any packing material is made from non-food renewable resources and is 100% biodegradable. The postcards are printed on FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) paper and printed with vegetable inks. Our packaging is kept to a minimum and can all be recycled. Our premises are powered by solar panels. We bank with the Co-operative Bank.

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Is my box recyclable?

The box is made from 100% recycled material and can be recycled itself – please do so! The product packaging in the box may or may not be recyclable.

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