The Number One Reason You Should (Do) VEGANUARY

Food!  Who doesn’t love food?  And what’s better than great food? Great tasting vegan food! Most non vegans give vegans the bad rap of thinking that we only eat salad or better yet, just grass. But let me tell you this, those stereotypes couldn’t be further from the truth, especially with what happened last year!

Veganism has hit the mainstream and is growing rapidly.  With the wealth of information on the internet on everything vegan and those oh so delicious pictures of fully vegan recipes on Instagram, the world has turned around! Even grocery stores are stocking up on vegan snacks, gourmet foods, and a whole host of vegan options. Yes, we really do eat more than just salad (and grass).   And I experienced it first hand this year when we celebrated Christmas a little earlier with the family at our place, indulging in a huge vegan spread, including Linda McCartney’s vegan line. Our omnivore family loved the meal. But they just couldn’t believe they were eating vegan snacks and a vegan gourmet meal.  I think they had a preconceived notion that their meal was going to consist of pretzels, salad, and drinks.

When we popped into the local grocery chain, we were more than impressed at all the available vegan snacks and new offerings, in the space of a year it’s unbelievable the change that took place, there is so much choice now its actually overwhelming sometimes. But that’s a nice problem to have. These stores exist to give people what they want and demand for vegan food is high. It’s apparent wherever you look, be it the frozen pizza case, the deli meat and cheese aisle, and even the gourmet appetizer selection.

Our Christmas meal spread was rocking out with a cheese (vegan of course) and cracker platter, roasted potatoes and some of Linda McCartney’s line of amazing vegan foods including

  • Chorizo Sausage
  • Scampi Bites
  • Red Wine Beef Roast
  • Wellington Style Appetizers
  • Pastry Filled Pies

Yes, these are all vegan and are very popular! And these are just a few of this delicious range of vegan gourmet foods offerings.  My mother in law, an avid scampi lover, could not believe how good the vegan scampi bites tasted. She said she just might pick some up in the future!  Progress!

Normally, I would have cooked most of the meal from scratch as I love to show off my great tasting vegan food, but plans to travel across the pond in 48 hours, it all made a bit difficult to do it this year.  When you have the time and are craving a homemade meal, check out

You won’t be disappointed. How is cheesy pasta even vegan?  Trust me, most meals can be made vegan. So It just takes a little research and ingenuity, this healthy meal rocks and just proves that you don’t have to give up tasty food.  Check out some great vegan recipes, pick up some vegan snacks, and just enjoy! Your body and health will thank you; the animals will too.  

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