The Vegan Approach

November’s monthly box donation will be going to The Vegan Approach. An organisation that helps people to go vegan through a practical approach. Find out more.

Vegan Tuck Box founders, Kelly Slade and Chrissy Leyland also founded The Vegan Approach in 2013 – the same year that Vegan Tuck Box was born. Through their vegan campaigning work in London they felt that there was a need for an organisation that could support individuals to go, stay and enjoy being vegan through an easy, practical and friendly approach.
The group organised various vegan workshops around the country where participants were encouraged to try being vegan for a month with practical help from buddies, cookery workshops and food tasting. The workshops were a great success with more than 70% of the participants choosing to stay vegan after the month.
These workshops have now been condensed into a slideshow presentation called ’10 Steps to Going Vegan’ which is presented at regular workshops around the country. With the help of the presentation, The Vegan Approach aims to support individuals and groups to go vegan, stay vegan and to eat a healthy vegan diet. The workshops demonstrate an easy, practical and friendly approach towards veganism.
You can view the presentation here:
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