Out of sight but not forgotten

When you subscribe to a Vegan Tuck Box monthly subscription you know that you’ll be eating great vegan snacks and helping animals at the same time. Each month we donate a portion of the sales of our monthly subscription boxes to a different vegan cause or sanctuary. March’s chosen charity is Animal Justice Project. We asked them to tell us more about themselves…

Animal Justice Project is an international, non-profit organisation, we were created in 2014 by a group of animal rights activists who wanted to raise awareness for the injustice against animals. We are passionate about bringing an end to speciesism and animal use within research. We believe that non-human animals are equal and just like humans, they are sentient beings.

We have coordinated many campaigns over the years such as the Secret War: The Invisible Victims – a campaign aiming to educate the public on experiments carried out by the Ministry of Defence on animals such as guinea pigs and marmoset monkeys. We have uncovered animals being forced to inhale gas and being injected with bio-diseases.

Deadly Doses: A Legal Low is another campaign that we launched to uncover experiments taking place across the country (mainly inside universities) in which animals are forced to inhale, or be injected with, recreational drugs such as ecstasy, cannabis and MDMA. We have found, invariably, that these experiments reveal very little about human conditions and cause horrific suffering to animals in laboratories.

Campus Without Cruelty is our flagship campaign aimed at ending animal research on university campuses by educating staff and students that animal research is not just cruel, but also futile. Our newest campaign, Cures not Cruelty, is aimed at educating the public about the awful experiments carried out by multimillion pound charities such a British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK. This is a science-led campaign, using materials such as factsheets to share the knowledge that, considering smoking and eating meat, are the two largest causes of human cancers, only lifestyle changes will make a real dent in the cancer epidemic. Not animal experimentation.

If you would like to find out more about Animal Justice Project, please visit our website. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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