Lotus Animal Sanctuary – Raising Awareness, Awakening Hearts, Saving Lives

When we found out about the awesome work that Lotus Animal Sanctuary are doing in Scotland we just had to make them our July box charity. 10p from the sale of July’s monthly subscription box will be donated to Lotus. Find out more about their work.

Team Lotus has a mission in life to educate people about the animals our society refers to as ‘food’ animals.

To achieve this, we are working to set up a vegan sanctuary in Scotland: a safe haven for animals in need of shelter.

Providing an opportunity for interaction with these ex-‘food’ animals is hugely important in enlightening public perspective. This platform will serve as a reminder of the sentience and emotional capacity of each and every animal – a far cry from the packaged & barcoded supermarket products they become.

Adults and children alike will be able to identify in these animals the same ability to give and receive love that they see in the companion animals many share their homes with.

The main focus for Lotus will be on cattle as no other sanctuary in Scotland currently homes them (other than highland cattle). We will of course always welcome all species, but through our work with other UK sanctuaries, we will aim to find forever homes at other sanctuaries for other species, that will allow Lotus to always have space and an open door for cattle in Scotland.

This sanctuary will not solely serve to benefit animals. It will also include facilities offering holistic therapies, reiki, stress management, meditation and relaxation, with a view to providing yoga and counselling too. There will eventually be a vegan cafe, and a shop selling all the products from the www.bohemianhippy.com website; a range of animal rights/vegan clothing & merchandise and other vegan related items for health & well being.

At Bohemian Hippy, we understand how important it is to wear your message about veganism and animal rights, so we created a shop where you can find not-for-profit ethical clothing & merchandise printed in full vegan ink. Bohemian Hippy exists exclusively to raise awareness and money for animals and Lotus Sanctuary – 100% profits are donated to Lotus.

We sell bespoke products, each featuring exclusive designs & slogans, so you can proudly display that you are vegan every time you get dressed, go shopping or drink your vegan latte.

Lotus Animal Sanctuary has been a dream of ours at Bohemian Hippy for many years now, and will let us improve the lives of many animals and teach adults and children alike that animal agriculture is not how these beautiful animals were meant to live. We put our idea out into the public domain in January 2017 when we also launched our YouCaring fundraiser, which has done extremely well, especially when the story of rescuing a young bullock named Prince broke that same month on STV. You can follow Prince on social media where in total he already has around 2000 followers Facebook @PrinceMooMoz Twitter & Instagram @Prince_Moo_Moz

Ultimately, everything comes down to perception – and this sanctuary will exist to challenge and rebuild the way we’ve been conditioned to view animals, alongside providing cohesive and important information about animal rights, the huge impact animal agriculture has on world hunger, our environment, and how to successfully go about leading a compassionate and cruelty-free lifestyle. The emphasis will be on highlighting the stark contrast between sanctuaries and abattoirs – this will be achieved through: livestreaming the animals’ activities’ via the worldwide web, screening vegan documentaries; holding workshops, inviting guests speakers to give talks & speeches; and using the iAnimal headsets to give a glimpse into slaughterhouse workings. The sanctuary will be a hub to educate and to advocate veganism.

As well as providing a home for various animals, such as calves that are discarded by the cruel dairy industry, Lotus Animal Sanctuary will give every visitor the chance to get up close and personal with these wonderful animals. That way we can show the world how much love these animals can give, and that they are deserving of as much better quality of life.

You can find out more about Lotus Animal Sanctuary here and give your own donation here: www.youcaring.com/lotussanctuary

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