A Special Place

Hugletts Wood Farm Animal Sanctuary in East Sussex is a special place for the animals who are lucky enough to live there. Running a sanctuary is costly with so many mouths to feed. Unfortunately, the sanctuary’s cost of hay has recently risen unexpectedly so we have chosen them for this month’s charity donation to try and help with some of these costs.

Hugletts Wood Farm is a vegan run sanctuary providing a home for life to cows and their friends rescued from the misery of the meat and dairy industry and the horrors of the slaughterhouse. Hugletts Wood farm is the only farm animal sanctuary in the UK that operates a dedicated Cow Protection Program.

Visitors to Hugletts are greeted by Wenda, the sanctuary’s founder and all round wonderful woman. She has dedicated her life to the protection and welfare of cows, as well as to any life that finds themselves at Hugletts.

Situated in the heart of the Sussex countryside, the sanctuary can often find themselves at the mercy of the farming industry. Their local hay supplier recently had pressure put upon him by local farmers to stop supplying Hugletts because of their links to the vegan community. This has meant that the sanctuary has been forced to find an alternative supplier that is unfortunately more expensive.

10p from the sale of June’s vegan tuck box will be donated to Hugletts. You can also donate here.

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