Snacks with a heart

Each month we support a different vegan sanctuary, charity or cause by donating 10p from the sale of our Ultimate monthly Vegan Tuck Box. August’s box is supporting national campaign group Viva!

Viva! campaigns for a vegan world because taking life unnecessarily is obscene, damaging and plain wrong. Taking the life of an animal who does not want to die is a profoundly terrible act and yet committed so casually in our culture. On top of that, most farmed animals spend their short and miserable lives in the filth of factory farms and are killed with sickening barbarity. We expose this abuse by secretly going inside these shameful places and filming the suffering – publicising it with nationwide campaigns that bring about change. 

For more information on Viva!’s work please visit:

Viva!’s mission is to raise awareness of the horrors and environmental impact of factory farming while also supporting compassionate people to make the switch to a plant-based diet. Viva! understands that the ultimate choice to live kind lies with you – the consumer.

Viva! provides a vast array of resources to support those interested in reducing their animal product consumption, including Viva!HealthViva! PodcastViva! ShopViva! Campaigns and Vegan Recipe Club

We don’t receive government funding and can only continue our vital work through the generosity of our donors. 


  • kay Doak

    What wonderful work you do in addition to supplying us with such scrummy vegan boxes. I look forward to mine each month with anticipation.

    How do you choose your charities each month?

    K x

  • Kelly Slade

    Hi Kay. It’s so lovely to hear that you are enjoying your boxes. Most of the time the charities contact us, but obviously there’s a lot to choose from.

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