August 2017 ⋆ Vegan Tuck Box

My Vegan Search – One App to Solve All Vegan Frustrations

Being vegan and making ethical shopping choices isn’t always easy and sometimes it’s actually incredibly difficult. But, luckily, times are changing and more and more brands, businesses and even apps now have your best (vegan) interest at heart, making a cruelty-free life just that little bit easier lived.

One of the most innovative veggie-friendly apps is called My Vegan Search, and it truly helps with everything – from grocery shopping and recipe inspiration to finding the best vegan shoe brands and places to buy cruelty-free make-up. The hours of reading labels and ingredient lists are all in the past, thanks to the handy search option in the app that makes finding vegan product fast, friendly and fun. Want to give this innovative new app a try? Here’s how to get the most out of it:

Fill Your Vegan Cupboards

We’ve launched a new single box! We know how difficult it can often be to find vegan ready meals or something simple like vegan milk chocolate chips for baking. And it’s not much fun traipsing around lots of different stores to find everything you need, or paying shipping at lots of online shops. But now you don’t have to, as we’ve created the Vegan Pantry Box.