November 2016 ⋆ Vegan Tuck Box

Helping Nobby and others like him

This month’s charity donation is going to Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary which is home to primates like Nobby – a male macaque whose home for 21 years was a flat in Essex, where he was kept as a pet. Shut behind a glass door in an alcove in the front room, Nobby had no opportunity to exercise and no access to the outside or mental stimulation.

Chocolate Crazy Cupcakes

November’s Ultimate and Variety boxes contain a brand new product from Moo Free – baking chocolate drops! These can often be hard to find in high street shops and certainly not in a vegan milk chocolate version. So this month’s recipe is for chocolate cupcakes which you can add these delicious creamy milk chocolate chips to for the perfect treat.

Happy World Vegan Month

Whether you’re already vegan or thinking about it, there couldn’t be a better time to celebrate. World Vegan Day (1st November) marks the beginning of World Vegan Month – a celebration of living a kind and compassionate life.