March 2016 ⋆ Vegan Tuck Box

Our Top 5 Vegan Easter Treats

If you’ve got a sweet tooth then Easter has to be the best holiday – think big excuse to buy and eat lots of chocolate! At one time it was hard for us vegans to find exciting treats at this time of year. Well, not anymore! With veganism on the rise there are now lots of new and exciting chocolate products on the market that are suitable for vegans – just check out the huge range that we already stock in our Tuck Shop. But the best news is that there are now dedicated vegan Easter products so you don’t have to miss out on the novelty products. Here’s our top 5 vegan Easter treats.

Is tea the new natural energy drink?

Looking for a natural energy drink? Ever considered tea?! Our March Vegan Tuck Box included a free sample of Ecuatea’s new Guayusa tea. Guayusa (pronounced why-you-sa) grows naturally in the rainforests of Ecuador and is said to be pure Amazonian energy. Drinkers treasure it for its myriad health benefits and long lasting, stable energy. It’s said to have the kick of coffee, the relaxation of tea and the bliss of dark chocolate.

Red Pepper and Courgette Mini-Quiche Recipe

Each month we’ll be publishing a recipe on our blog that either uses an ingredient from that month’s Vegan Tuck Box or would complement one of the products. Our first recipe is a red pepper and courgette mini quiche, which we thought would be great served with the tabouleh pot from March’s box. This recipe is from Fairfoods Vegan Catering  and originally comes from Pogo Café which the owner of Fairfoods and our very own Chrissy helped to set up and run.